Solar Protection


Chaskee is pleased to announce that TESTEX, Europe’s leading fabric textile testing institute, is testing and rating Chaskee hats to determine their sunlight ultraviolet ray protection rating according to the UV Standard 801 rating system.

The UV Standard 801 is the most stringent and rigorous testing standard for measuring the capacity of textile products to protect against the harmful effects to the skin of ultraviolet (both UVA and UVB) rays of sunlight.

The UV Standard 801 surpasses the requirements of the Australian/New Zealand AS/NZS 4399:1996 UV-protection rating. The latter was developed during the 1990’s and assigns Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) ratings ranging from UPF 15-24 (Good), UPF 25-39 (Very Good), UPF 40-50 (Excellent), and UPF 50+ (allows less than 2% UV transmission).

UV Standard 801 remedies the main drawback of the Australian/New Zealand AS/NZS 4399:1999 rating scale, which is that it does not take into account the practical use demands which are made on fabric after use, maintenance and wear and tear, but assigns a UPF rating to textiles only when they are in a new, dry and unstretched condition. When a fabric is stretched, scuffed, weathered and wetted, its capacity for protecting against UV rays changes.

The UV Standard 801 subjects textiles to stretching scuffing, weathering and wetness during the rating process, and ratings are assigned when textiles are at their lowest level of capacity for providing protection against ultraviolet rays. Consumers can therefore be confident that UV Standard 801 rated textile products provide the assigned level of protection throughout the life cycle and varied conditions of the product.

The UV Standard 801 assigns a “UV Protection Factor”to a tested textile ranging from UPF 2 (lowest) to UPF 80 (highest). The higher the number, the greater the protection the tested textile product provides against harmful ultraviolet rays of sunlight.

The way to understand the assigned number is as follows: human skin (which can range from very fair Type 1 to light brown/olive Type 4) can be exposed to sunlight for a discrete period of time before sunburn occurs. When protective apparel is worn, such as a hat, the amount of time that a person can remain out in the sunlight is increased. The UV Protection Factor indicates the number value by which the allowable time in the sun can be multiplied when one is wearing protective apparel.

For example, a person having Skin Type 3 allowing for exposure to sunlight for 20 – 30 minutes has this time increased to 400 – 600 minutes when a textile with a UPF of 20 is worn. That is, the skin’s natural self-protection capacity is multiplied by a factor of 20. A person having Skin Type 4 that enables him or her to remain in the sun for 40 minutes has this time increased to 800+ minutes.

The Chaskee Reversible Caps Ref. 001 MF + MF linings has a UV Standard 801 rating of UPF 80, which is the highest rating possible


The Chaskee Reversible Caps Ref. 001 Cotton + MF lining has a UV Standard 801 rating of UPF 80, which is the highest rating possible


The Chaskee Visor Snap Cap in Microfiber Ref. 016 all MF has a UV Standard 801 rating of UPF 60



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