Chaskee was a pioneer in the use of the neoprene visor a a central component for making comfortable and functional outdor headwear.

Today the brand name Chaskee has become synonymous with high quality headwear that feels right, perform wll, and looks great.

The pursuit of the proper combination of function, form and fasion informs our efforts to be on the leading edge of headwear design.

As Chaskee moves ahead you can be sure that we remain strongly committe to those active lifestyle values that have given us a reputation for quality and innovation that we are proud to have.

Chaskee is pleased to introduce the new Energee headwear line, a development that takes place within the wider context of our dedication to the promotion of Fair Labor Practices.

We want to make the best headwear, and we want to make it in a manner that is respnsive to our commitment to Fair Labor Practices, including the payment of fair wages, the maintenance of a clean and safe working environment, a proper schedule of daily ad weekly work hours, and the promotion of efforts against all forms of discrimination and inequality.

As a means of expressing our social commitment we have alligned ourselves with the Swiss-based non-profit organization called the Energee Association, which initiates and oversees a variety of human enhancement efforts in and around Mumbai (Bombay), India. Projects range from paying for the medical insurance for our workers, to funding the digging of water wells in outlying villages, to promoting waste recycling efforts.

A porzion of the Chaskee profits is set aside to promote these projects. Our efforts are intended to promote juman flourishing in a manner that avoids paternalism, ideological litmus tests, and bureaucratic excesses. Please direct your questions and comments to Energee(at)

For more information regarding the Energee Association, please visit the website at